There are seven member institutions of the A+ Trust from across the borough of Tameside that are:


Alder Community High School

Students are at the centre of everything we do and increasing their life chances is our primary goal. We want our students to leave Alder as well rounded human beings, work/college ready and able to take their place in society to contribute, enjoy life and help improve the lives of others.

Ashton Sixth Form College

Ashton Sixth Form College has over 80 years of post-16 teaching experience and know what it takes to ensure the success of each and every student who studies with us. There is a strong ethos of ambition and aspiration embraced by all who work at the college.

Astley Sports College

Astley is currently going through a period of dynamic change. Since January 2016 the school has entered into a shared leadership arrangement with Longdendale High School. New leaders, new staff, new systems and new approaches are aimed at rapidly accelerating the performance of the school. The new core values of Aspire have been introduced and will be the foundation of all future developments for the school community.

Cromwell High School

Cromwell High School is Tameside's secondary school that offers the most intensive support for pupils with complex learning difficulties. Their aim is to prepare pupils to have the richest life experiences possible - both in the wider world here and now, and, as they grow into teenagers and onwards to become young adults.

Denton Community College

Denton Community College provide a safe and happy environment in which they encourage their learners to have self-belief, to understand they have the potential to succeed, to take charge of their own development and take pride in their achievements in the academic and vocational fields.

Hyde Community College

Hyde Community College is about innovation and personalisation, collaboration and partnership. They are a ’state of the art’ 21st century school delivering 21st century education. HCC want their young people to have aspirations and dreams. They want them to broaden their horizons and believe that anything is possible and they want to support them, and parents, in making those aspirations and dreams become reality.

Longdendale High School

Longdendale is a happy and successful school that has undergone dynamic improvement in recent years. They value our students as our greatest asset and their contribution to the school is magnificent – their determination, creativity and willingness to participate are the cornerstones of the success of the school.

Mossley Hollins High School 

Mossley Hollins pride themselves on concentrating on individual pupils and the progress each one makes, the focus at Mossley Hollins is on learning with a modern, rigorous focus on Teaching & Learning. They value the attributes of manners, hard work and honesty which they believe together will lead to success for their learners, staff and school as a whole.