A+ Trust welcomes Hyde Community College

23 September 2016

As the start of the new term is well underway and the A+ Trust enters its fourth year of operation the existing member schools are both pleased and excited to welcome Hyde Community College into the Trust.  The addition of the seventh secondary school not only adds further strength to the work of the Trust but brings a different perspective and further enhances the collective knowledge and expertise available to be shared.  Ms. Andrea Radcliffe, Headteacher at Hyde Community College, is excited by the opportunities that this new partnership brings to her school and members of her team are already seeing the benefits of close working relationships with colleagues from within the Trust.  Matthew Bowler, Executive Headteacher and CEO for the A+ Trust said 'this is an exciting time for Hyde Community College to be joining us and we look forward to developing the partnership working with them whilst sharing expertise and knowledge to raise standards and attainment across the Trust.'